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Yes!!: The First Real Blueve Bikini Line (1)

It is a pleasure presenting the first Blueve Bikini line.

The Blueve Bikini

The material used is going to be Econyl, to support our precious environment.

Blueve’s colors are going to vibrant and for the moment we will be working with uni-color bikinis. Prints will follow….

Blueve’s Bikinis will come with name of provinces

Place your pre-orders at

Real size

Blueve’s Market

Target ages: 16 – 35 years

Blueve Women that are not afraid to show their body

Al sizes: ES, SM, M, L, XL

Price tag up to 80 USD

Blueve Branding

What branding elements we would like to play with, how would we like to differentiate from other brands. 


  • Design
  • Material
  • Packaging, own bag, number and name


  • Hand made
  • Make to order
  • Personalized
  • Unique, numbered
  • Recycle, including return envelope and discount 


  • Eco friendly
  • Good cause, epilepsy 


  • Website and store
  • Social media
  • Influencers


Nylon waste from landfills and oceans around the world is transformed into ECONYL® regenerated nylon. It’s exactly the same as brand new nylon and can be recycled, recreated and remoulded again and again.

That means you can create new products and buy new products without having to use new resources.

So, Econyl Swimwear has the future

More at Econyl.


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